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Hemkund SahibTrek

Hemkund Sahib has its religious importance. Hemkund is situated in the altitude of 4320mt, surrounded by seven peaks collectively known as Hemkund parvat. It is one of the most sacred place of Sikh religion associated the Sikh guru Guru Govind Singh. There is also a temple near to gurudwara is Laxman temple.In 1930, Havaldar Sohan Singh discovered this lake. ...

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Massoorie (Mansoorie)- Queen of Hills

Massoorie (Mansoorie) is a most popular hill station of Uttaranchal blessed with beauty and charm, is also known as ‘Queen of the Hills’. Massoorie is situated in the foothills of Himalaya ranges in the altitude of 2000meter. The Connected town of Landour Which includes a military cantonment, is deemed part of ‘Greater Massoorie’. ...

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Kasturi Mrig – Musk Deer of Himalayas..

Musk Deer is the state animal of Uttakhand found in area above 3500mt on the Himalayas. Native call it as Kasturi Mrig and scientific name of this animal is Moschus Chrysogaster.  This is a rare animal which inhabits in the dense forest of Deodar and fir.   The endangered Kastruri Mrig is not only beautiful animal but its “Kasturi” is used in approximately 150 Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines. Kasturi (mu ...

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