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Panch Badris are the place in which Lord Vishnu is worshiped to give him honour. There is a legend that one day Narad Muni was passing one the way of Lord Vishnu he saw that Lord Vishnu was reclining on the Shesh Shaiya, and Godess Laxmi was caressing his feet. By seeing the blissful scene Narad Muni reprimand Vishnu to enjoy wordly comfort. ...

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Badrinath Doors Closed today..

Badrinath doors (Kapats) closed for winter today at 2:45 PM. During winters Lakshmi will be also with Prabhu Vishnu in the Sanctum of main temples. Rest of the gods along with Udhhav, Juber etc. will reside at Pandukeshwar in Dhyan Badri temple and will be worshiped till the doors are opened once again during summers next year. State Chief Minister Shri B. C. Khanduri was available during the closing ceremo ...

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