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Folk songs of Garhwal

Mangal Mangal song is tradition songs which are sung during the marriage ceremony. The women folk do worship of Ganesha in their songs and give blessing to wedding couple. Basanti This is song of spring season when new life spring in nature. This is composed to appreciate of pleasant nature. Chaunphula or Jhumela Chaunphla are composed for the appreciation of nature. This dance is performed from ‘Basant Pan ...

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Folk Dances of Garhwal Region

Pandav Nritya In the local language it is known as PANDO NAACH. Pandav Nritya is related to story of Mahabharata. This Dance describes the story of Mahabharata in form of song and dance. This Dance performed on the occasion of Dassehra and Diwali. Pandav Nritya is popular in Chamoli and Pauri Gharwal. Jhumela or Chaunphula Jhumela is a form of dance in which group of men and women dance in a spinning way. C ...

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