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Panch Badris are the place in which Lord Vishnu is worshiped to give him honour. There is a legend that one day Narad Muni was passing one the way of Lord Vishnu he saw that Lord Vishnu was reclining on the Shesh Shaiya, and Godess Laxmi was caressing his feet. By seeing the blissful scene Narad Muni reprimand Vishnu to enjoy wordly comfort. ...

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Panch Kedar includes all the five Kedars. These shrines has importance place among the Hindus. The famous Panch Kedar’s is situated in Uttakhand state in the kedar valley. Panch kedar are the famous shrines of Lord Shiva. According to an epic after the famous battle of Mahabharata Pandavas want to pay homage to Lord Shiva and wanted to apologize for killing their brothers in battle but Lord Shiva did not wa ...

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Festival of UttaraKhand

Festivals are the mirrors of the culture and society. Some place are identifies by theirs fairs and festivals. Uttarakhand has also its fairs and festival which shows its culture. These festivals and fairs gives breathe to folks songs and dances of Uttaranchal and are alive because of these. Mainly, the purpose of these fairs and festivals are to remember the Devtas (God) and make a get together with their ...

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Bugyal is a beautiful high altitude alpine grasslands or meadows. These are extensively flat pasture land with rolling slope found at the height over 2800 meters. These bugyal are very beautiful grassland having different shades of seasonal flower. Sometime these bugyals surrounded with beautiful conifer forest. By locals they are referred as ‘nature local gardens’. During summers and in mansoon local herds ...

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Chopta is one of the beautiful tourist hill destinations of Uttarakhand which provides picturesque views of Himalaya and wildlife. Chopta is situated in the altitude of 2500mts on the Gopeshwar – Ukhimath road about 40km from Gopeshwar. Chopta is well connected with road. One can enjoy pristine environment full of greenery, meadows and snow capped mountain in winter. Main attaraction of Chota are Tungnath t ...

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Skiing in Uttaranchal

The hill of Uttarakhand is a full package of adventure sport Like Skiing, Water sports and trekking. Uttarakhand have all the elements for adventures high peaks, flowing rivers, snow capped mountains. Skiing is one of the adventure sports which are getting famous day by day in Uttarakand. The large part of hills of Uttarakhand covered with snow in winters and ideal place for skiing. Compare to other place f ...

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Hemkund SahibTrek

Hemkund Sahib has its religious importance. Hemkund is situated in the altitude of 4320mt, surrounded by seven peaks collectively known as Hemkund parvat. It is one of the most sacred place of Sikh religion associated the Sikh guru Guru Govind Singh. There is also a temple near to gurudwara is Laxman temple.In 1930, Havaldar Sohan Singh discovered this lake. ...

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Massoorie (Mansoorie)- Queen of Hills

Massoorie (Mansoorie) is a most popular hill station of Uttaranchal blessed with beauty and charm, is also known as ‘Queen of the Hills’. Massoorie is situated in the foothills of Himalaya ranges in the altitude of 2000meter. The Connected town of Landour Which includes a military cantonment, is deemed part of ‘Greater Massoorie’. ...

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